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Ready Reserve

Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection

Our Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection plan was designed with you in mind. It is a special pre-approved line of credit that is linked to your Security First Bank checking account. It’s designed to put an end to checking account overdraft complications and charges.

When we approve Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection for you, it means that we’ve pre-approved an automatic personal loan to balance your account should you become overdrawn. With this plan, you avoid overdraft charges and embarrassing delays.

And, It's More Than Just Overdraft Protection

Write your own loan! When we approve Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection for you, you’ve got a personal line of credit available to you whenever you need it, and for whatever you need it for.

Use it for convenience. If you need to write some checks and don’t have time to get to the bank to make a deposit, go ahead and write those checks. With Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection we’ll automatically cover your overdraft up to your credit limit.

Use it for Shopping. Having Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection is a lot like the convenience of having a credit card. You know the excitement of uncovering a great bargain and the joy of finding the perfect gift. But you may also know the disappointment of a depleted bank account. With Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection it needn’t happen again.

Use it for Emergencies. There may be times when you’re faced with an unexpected emergency, like car trouble and you’re short of cash. Never again let a depleted bank account add disappointment or stress to your life. When you need cash immediately, Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

How Do I Use Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection?

When you need some extra cash you can simply write a check, make a withdrawal in person or by phone, or use your ATM or VISA Check Card to withdraw from your account. Then, we’ll automatically deposit enough to cover your withdrawal into your account in even, easy to track, $200 increments. For example, if you need $250, we’ll automatically advance $400.

How Do I Get Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection?

To apply for Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection today, simply complete a credit application and return it to one of our bankers. We’ll process it quickly, and when it is approved, we let you know how much your credit line is, and have you sign a simple Ready Reserve Account Agreement. Your Ready Reserve Account could be ready to use within a few hours.

How Do I Repay Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection?

A statement of the activity on your Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection Account will automatically appear on your Security First Bank checking account statement. Payments can be made automatically, or you can repay the entire balance at anytime. Automatic payments will be in an amount equal to 10% of your Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection account balance at the end of the billing (statement) cycle or $20.00, which ever is greater.

What Does Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection Cost?

There are no monthly or annual fees! You only pay interest on the amount borrowed when you use your Ready Reserve Overdraft Protection loan account. The current finance charge is equal to 16.88% Annual Percentage Rate. To figure the finance charge for a billing cycle, we apply this periodic rate of finance charge to the “principal balance” of your loan account each day.

Approved credit required.
Certain fees, terms and restrictions may apply.