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Home Equity Loans

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Is There a New Boat In Your House?

Or, what about a new car, a dream vacation, or a college education?

Could be! Many people have found the equity in their home to be the open door to smart money management and to making their dreams come true.

Your Home Can Refinance Your Dreams!

Our Home Equity Programs can be used for almost anything. Fund the purchase of a new car, a recreational vehicle, or fund home improvements, college educations, vacation expenses and more.

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Home Equity Programs are Smart Money Management

There are a lot of reasons why using the equity in your home may well be the best way for you to borrow money.

  • Our home equity programs offer low rates.
  • Repayments terms on home equity loans are typically much more affordable than on other types of consumer loans.

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Your Home Equity Can Be Your Best Tax Break

The interest on home equity financing is often tax deductible, which could reduce your net borrowing costs by as much as a third. (Consult a tax advisor to be sure.)

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Home Equity Lines of Credit Provide Maximum Flexibility

Available Now! Contact Us today!

Use your money over and over again with a Security First Home Equity Revolving Line of Credit. Thatís right, with one simple application we can set up an easy to access revolving line of credit for you for up to five years. Youíll be able to pay for expenses as they come along, and repay your balance with maximum flexibility. Even if you donít need cash immediately, a Security First Home Equity Line of Credit can serve as a safety net. Put it in place today, and be prepared for unexpected expenses, or have the power to pay cash for that new car or unexpected bargain.

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People Like You Deserve Fast Loan Decisions!

At Security First Bank our business is making your dreams come true, and being fast! We promise quick decisions on all home equity loans. Often times our friendly bankers can give you the answer you need within 24 hours.

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We Make All Types of Other Loans, Too!

Whether you need an agricultural, commercial, consumer or real estate loan, talk to your Security First Banker. Weíve got the money to lend.

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Behold the Power of Local Decision Making!

Its no secret, all of our loan decisions are made locally by folks who know you and understand your needs. Youíll get the answer you need within a day, and many times immediately.

If you own your home, stop in or call one of our bankers for details today!

  • Approved credit required.
  • Certain fees, terms and restrictions may apply.

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