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About Us


Security First Bank of North Dakota is a locally operated, family owned, full-service, community bank. We currently have four main banking offices, which are located in Center, New Salem, Mandan and Bismarck. We also have a part time office in Almont. Security First Bank of North Dakota was founded by local, Morton County folks in New Salem as a hometown community bank during the 1920's. The bank, which was then named First State Bank, opened for business in New Salem on January 7, 1925.

Just a few years later, the crash of 1929 caused our country to slip into a deep depression. Although many banks in North Dakota did not survive the depression of the 1930's, we are proud to say that our bank did survive. In fact, our bank was strong enough that in 1933 we took over a troubled bank, merging it into our bank. To reflect the merger, the bank's name was changed from First State Bank to Security State Bank of New Salem.

Over the years, our bank has grown quite rapidly. In 1975 we built and moved into our present New Salem building to accommodate our growth. In 1977, we were approached by the citizens of Almont, who asked us to consider providing part-time banking services in Almont. And, in 1978, we responded by a building a new office building and opening for business in Almont.

In 1993 we became commonly owned with the State Bank of Oliver County in Center. In 1997, to reflect our continued growth beyond the community of New Salem, we changed our name from the Security State Bank of New Salem to Security First Bank of North Dakota.

To provide our customers with more convenient access to banking services, we made two significant changes in 2000. First, on April 1, 2000, we merged the Center and New Salem banks. Then, in June of 2000, we proudly opened our new office in Mandan for business.

In November of 2004, we proudly opened a new office in Bismarck for business. And, in 2009, we added the area's premier mortgage department, which is located within our Bismarck office building.

As a family-owned business, banking is our life and our passion. We are truly committed to helping our customers and to delivering them  first class service with our top notch team that has the experience our customers can trust and provides the service and respect they deserve. We are dedicated to our team, our community and to doing things the right way.

Thank you for your continued support! We sincerely appreciate your business!!

Mission Statement

We believe that to continue to grow and be successful we must continue to accomplish the following:

  1. We must offer you, our customer, superior service. We will get to know you on a first name basis and we will go out of our way to understand you and your business, and to tailor financial solutions that meet your individual needs.
  2. We must continue to offer the finest and most up to date financial services available, and we must offer those services very efficiently and at very competitive prices.
  3. We must be dedicated to and support the communities we serve. We recognize that our future is tied to the futures of the communities we serve, and we can only grow if our communities grow and prosper.
  4. We must operate prudently and in a safe and sound manner in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. We must attract and retain the very best staff. We will accomplish this by only recruiting the best, by providing opportunities for personal growth and advancement, and by providing a very positive and pleasant work environment for our first class team.

What's New at Security First Bank?

Online Banking

Our new Online Banking site is incredibly easy to use, accessible from any computer of mobile-enabled cell phone and best of all, it's still TRULY FREE!*

Mobile Banking

Check our our TRULY FREE* Iphone and Droid Apps! Now you can transfer money, check your account balance and view transactions in an easy to use cell phone app.

Text Banking

If you don't have an Iphone or a Droid, you can still access your bank account information with your phone by sending a simple text. Sign up through our online banking system today to see how easy it is to use!

Money Desktop

Tell your money to get it together! Use our Account Aggregation tool to gather and organize financial information from all of your banks in one place.


We have redesigned our website with our customers in mind. Check out our new, easy to use site! 

VISA Scorecard Rewards Credit Card

Looking for a credit card that offers airline travel on any airline without blackout dates and a great interest rate? Check out our VISA Scorecard Rewards Credit Card! We just made changed our program to give you even more value for your points!

Photo Debit Cards

Add your photo to your debit card for enhanced security at the checkout! Or, personalize your card by uploading a photo of your kids, grandkids or pet!


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